Ken Hopkins

Birthday: 5/1, MayDay

Born in: Kellogg, ID (Go Wildcats)

Hometowns growing up: Meridian (Go Warriors), St. John (Go Eagles), Pomeroy (Go Pirates)

Family: 3 kids, 1 wife

Pets: 3 lil dogs…Toby, Lily, Buster

Schools: Pomeroy High, NNU (Go Crusaders) & EWU (Go Eagles)

Hobbies: Music, Fun-Running, St. Joe River, Tennis

1st job: Farm work

1st Car: ’64 Ford Falcon (Stop laughing)

I can’t make it through the day without: Coffee, Prilosec (The purple pill, not the blue one :)

Favorite Roadtrip: Seattle baseball weekend

Favorite TV shows: Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny, Breaking Bad, Enlightened

Favorite Meal: Breakfast….anytime, anywhere.

Fun Fact: I can catch flys with my hand. And yes, I do like hand sanitizer.

Favorite time-waster: Bookmarking football stadiums on Google Earth

Mon-Fri | 6a-10a